March 2014 – 4th warmest on record

March 2014 was the fourth warmest ever recorded in 135 years of global temperature monitoring. On average, the globe was 1.3 F warmer than normal. Siberia was a whopping 9 degrees F warmer and Denmark and Norway were up by 7 degrees F.

No so here, you say? You’d be correct – in the US, the temperature this March was 1 F cooler than normal and the 43rd coolest on record.

NOAA Land ocean temps 2014

Figure 1. Departure of temperature from average for March 2014. Image credit: National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) .

What’s up with that? Well there are some general speculations linked with global warming trends, but also some folks who say the cooler US winter weather is just that, weather.

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